There is an old aphorism that "They also serve who merely stand and wait".
Fortunately, though singularly most appropriate, the fire hydrant is to be found rather unobtrusively on pavements and forecourts of some quite exclusive venues.

Though designers and planners frequently overlook this essential piece of safety equipment, they will be required to have them in place before official approval is granted.
Not that they would willingly jeopardise the public safety, its just that so many other items all need to be completed in time and working in harmony.

At Woodlands, we welcome the opportunity to discuss fire safety regulations and equipment, and make proposals as to the most logical and practical solutions for every conceivable situation, while still in the planning stages.

It makes sense every which way to tackle the water reticulation and hydrants early on and save expenses and aesthetic botches or bloomers.

You "would land" more contracts if you pick, Woodlands Fire, waiting to serve you directly.